DFDS Seaways operates passenger ferry services for coach travel on routes from Dover to both Calais and Dunkerque, Newhaven to Dieppe and Newcastle to Amsterdam (IJmuiden). This variety of routes provides access to a wide selection of destinations across Europe. DFDS Seaways offers the widest choice of entry points into France as well as the Netherlands.

DFDS has a dedicated groups department and sales support to assist with your every need. DFDS constantly works with coach operators to enhance and improve port procedures to the benefit of our mutual customers experience.

With up to 54 daily sailings between Dover and ports in Dunkirk and Calais, as well as up to six daily sailings between Newhaven and Dieppe, it’s easy to take your coach to France. All of DFDS’ ports have good access to transport links, making it easy to drive into France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and beyond.

DFDS promises your driver and customers will enjoy a fantastic journey and onboard experience.

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